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They will make pigs of you all,

and they will bury their snouts into your ribs, and they will eat your hearts.

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Name:Amanda Young

Gifset made by deactivated tumblr user kaydelko.

Journal title and subtitle are from Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.

Credits for the poetry used as icon keywords are, in order:
- "cruelty," by Lucille Clifton
- "Little Red," by Ashe Vernon
- "downfall," by m.c.
- "unfinished poems iii," by s.z
- "this is how the devil was born," by k.s.
- "ix," by Emily Palermo
- "don't be afraid of the dark," by a.m
- "Killer Queen," by M.J.
- Untitled, by n.t.
- Untitled, by a.c
- "Ten Women I Have Been Warned Against Becoming," by r.i.d
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